Privacy Policy

Our visitor’s privacy is something that we hold dear and we are fully transparent with how we use data collected from our visitors.

There are a few ways that we collect data from our visitors and one you can find them all in the table below.

  1. User Behavior in Google Analytics
  2. Cookies
  3. Double email opt-ins
  4. GDPR

You can click any of the links in the table of contents above to get full information about it.


Google Analytics is a very useful tool that we have and use to track how users are behaving on our website.

With this information we can adjust and improvements to our website that makes the experience better all the time.

We log all the information about time spent on site and how many minutes users spend on the site.

However, this information we do not log personal.

We are only interested in behavior not personal behavior.


Cookies is something that our third-party links place in your browser to let the browser know that you have been on our website.

This for us the get you as a referral to our partners should you only use our site to look and then to register in a few hours by manually going to their website.

We do not get any personal information out of this, we only protect our interest of getting referrals that has been using our site to compare online casinos or free spins.

Double email opt-ins

If you have been using our site before you may have noticed a little call to action bar popping up from the bottom asking you about a free bonus.

This bar asks you to enter your name and email.

This information we do collect and as you click the verification link in the email we send you after filling in your information.

Should you ever want to opt out of this list you can do so in any email we send you or you can just ask us to do it through our contact form and we will do it at once.


We are compliant with the GDPR directives by being fully transparent with the data we collect from our users.

Safe connection

You are never letting of any sensitive information using our website.

However, you always have a secure connection when you use our website thanks to every page being secure by our SSL certificate.