Interac Casinos (Deposit With Interac Here 2020)

Interac casinos are limited but not impossible to find.

In this casino list we list interac online casinos that you can deposit with the popular canadian deposit method with.

Should you have any problem with these casinos let us know!

Interac Casino Deposit List

Using Interac E-Transfer

Many Canadian players choose to make their payments fast and secure with Interac.

Why do they want to do this?

Interac casinos lets players just insert the amount of the deposit they would like to make and in a second that has been securely transferred from their bank account.

It’s a faster way for withdrawals to, as easy as the deposit is the withdrawals are equally as fast and easy to make.

interac casinos CasinoFinderIt’s a win-win situation for the casino and the player and that is why would prefer to play with a Canadian online casino that accepts Interac E-Transfer.

There is almost always perks with picking local payment methods as they are more in touch with local banks Canada.

Interac is probably the most used online payment method by local banks in Canada.


Interac is one of the absolute safest casino payment methods.

It’s all about making things easy and encrypted while still available to you everywhere.

One of the biggest perks with using Interac E-Transfer is that you do not need to expose any sensitive banking information.

Many other payments methods request that you must put in your bank account number or credit card details.

That is no more when using one of Interac’s secure services.

You can easily send money between other players or straight to the casino and start playing, yes it’s that simple!

Which Casinos Accept Interac?

There is being more casinos accepting Interac every month.

Canada is becoming a more and more important market for many online casinos as the market is still unregulated and there for tax free.

To make sure to invest in having the Canadian people happy and making money transfers easy for them is key in claiming market share here.

We are happy to announce that Rizk Casino is our main Interac casino that we truly think you are going to love playing with.

Interac FAQ

Question: Can I use Interac with online casinos?

Answer: Yes, you can, however not all casinos accept this payment method. Try to look for one with the Interac logo on the landing page of our casinos.

Question: How fast are payments made?

Answer: Normally a withdrawal with Interac takes about 4 bank days before being available in your bank account balance.

Question: How many services does Interac offer?

Answer: Interac has different services which at the time includes:

  • Interac Debit
  • Interac Flash
  • Interac E-Transfer
  • Interac Cash
  • Interac Online

Fees with Interac E-Transfer

When doing transactions with Interac E-Transfer (Used with casinos) the following rates apply:

  • Transactions with value lower than $35 CAD is €0.115.
  • Transactions with high value than €35 CAD is €0.265.

This is all the information you need in order to get started with Interac casinos and we hope that you are goina to like it!


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