About Us

The story about CasinoFinder.io starts in 2015.

When founders Erik and Matthew started out with online casino marketing it was a struggle and the overall quality of casino guides were not what it is today.

Everything that webmasters did was making sure they where getting traffic and the consumer were put aside.

This was a very uneasy way to work as many knew that they were not putting the users above all else.

CasinoFinder is the results of over 15 years casino industry knowledge being put to work to have the most easy and valuable offers at the palm of your hand.

Mobile First

In the beginning of our online casino adventures almost no sites where made from the start with mobile users put first.

Today over 70% of the players searching through our portals are using a mobile device.

Because of this CasinoFinder has been made by mobile users for mobile users.

The mobile version is almost easier to use than the desktop version and this is a unique feature for CasinoFinder compares to other casino guides.

CasinoFinder Launch

CasinoFinder is the result of trial and error with many other affiliate websites and casino guides.

Our key goal now is to grow CasinoFinder organically through branding and word of mouth.

People have been waiting for a great guide to come and keep updating as a one stop shop and this market share is the one we aim to claim.

We will keep expanding into new markets as we go and make sure that exactly every piece of information that we post and have posted are up to date for our users.

On behalf of everyone working with CasinoFinder we wish you a warm welcome and hope that you will enjoy using the site as much as we did making it.