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CasinoFinder is all about helping.

casinofinder online casinos made easyMany players today are looking to find a new place to place their bets and many alternatives (other affiliate websites) has an inaccurate information that hurts their experience.

We have suffered from this for a long time ourselves and decided to end that problem.

CasinoFinder is a fully transparent and independent casino guide that does not care about revenues even though we do make money from comparing your alternatives.

The difference is that we only care about the quality of the product and not just to make you sign up anywhere.

CasinoFinder is your on stop shop when you look for an online casino or free spins with or without deposit.

Licensed Operators

A usual problem nowadays is that many players gets ripped off because of unlicensed operators.

This makes it very important to only play with licensed operators even if you reside in an unregulated country for online casino.

We are happy to only be working with fully licensed and serious online casino operators.

What this means is that they cannot refuse to pay you your legitimate winnings event if they want as this will make them risk their whole business.

We are fully compliant and transparent with the regulations set by the following licensees.

Responsible Online Casino Activity

Responsible gaming casinofinderWe are very cautious about gambling and online casino activity in general.

Because of this we are very alerting of the risks of participating in gambling related activities.

On every single page of CasinoFinder you can find an emergency gambling problem helpline should you need it.

All helpline numbers are local for the region that you have chosen.

We are proud to provide free assistance from great asset websites for problem gamblers some of them you can find listed below for more information.

Your safety is a very important factor in our mission to provide you with the best possible online casino experience.